You deserve to feel reassured in your dog’s health journey.

With Holistic Dog, all sessions are done in the comfort of our clients' home -- as dogs feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. If your dog has a medical condition or has been prescribed medication, they will need to get clearance from their veterinarian before our first session.


*Travel fees apply for distances over 15km and discounts may apply for multiple dogs.

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"My rescue Jager had chronic itching and restlessness from skin allergies. I found Daniella and she provided me with nutritional support. Jager's skin and itching has greatly improved."

 ~ Gina S.

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Puppy Nutrition Package

60-minute online or in-person review of your puppy's health and nutrition history.
You will receive:
  • Three custom-formulated, balanced recipes to suit your puppy's needs
  • A consolidated shopping list
  • Advice & tips on implementing the diet at home
  • List of foods that are safe and to avoid
  • Supplement recommendations
  • One month of email support.
Cost: $100

Adult Nutrition Package

60-minute online or in-person review of your dog's health and nutrition history.
You will recieve:
  • Three custom-formulated, balanced recipes to suit your dog's needs
  • A step-by-step transition guide
  • A consolidated shopping list
  • Advice & tips on implementing the diet at home
  • List of foods that are safe and to avoid
  • Supplement recommendations
  • One month of email support.
Cost: $100

Basic Nutrition Consult

Who needs this?
  • You want your dog's current diet reviewed
  • You have nutrition-related questions you would like answered
  • You're interested in changing your dog's diet
  • Your dog has skin/joint/gut/anxiety issues.
30-minute phone or online only.
Cost: $35 for 30 minutes
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Myofunctional Therapy (MT) involves the manipulation of muscles through the application of different massage techniques and stretches to improve muscle health and function. Treatment is non-invasive, gentle, and has a diverse range of therapeutic and health benefits that affect the whole body. It is important to treat tense muscles as they can restrict ease of movement, leading to injury.

Initial Consultations

I will ask questions based on the dog's medical history, diet, housing, exercise, and other influencing factors. I will then perform a gait analysis and soft tissue diagnosis. Following the analysis, I will perform the massage treatment based on what your dog presents with, and this will also determine if a treatment plan is required + what suggestions/ recommendations I have.
Cost: $80 for 90 minutes

Ongoing Sessions

Follow up from the previous session and massage treatment. Cost: $65 for 45-60 minutes
Package 5 x Ongoing sessions. Cost: $320

Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

MT improves range of motion, increases blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow, maintains healthy muscle tone, improves nutrient uptake, prevents adhesions and spasms, increases the elasticity of connective tissue, reduces the possibility of scar tissue, assists the detoxification process, improves the condition of the skin and coat, and may help reduce anxiety or problem behaviours related to muscle injury.
This service is for: all dog breeds and sizes, and at any life stage e.g. puppies, healthy adults, seniors. It helps dogs in recovery from surgery, sporting or working dogs, dogs with degenerative diseases such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, or anxious or nervous dogs.

Who is Myofunctional Therapy For?

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Laser therapy involves the use of light energy to stimulate tissue regeneration, accelerate healing, and relieve pain or inflammation. It is also known as cold laser, soft laser, low-level laser, and photobiomodulation therapy. This therapy does not produce any thermal effects, making it very safe and effective for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.
Generally, acute conditions require fewer treatments whereas chronic conditions need more sessions. Most treatments take 5-10 minutes but this varies depending on the size of the area to be treated. I allow 60 minutes for each session so I can have a consult with the owner and follow up with updates or any new information. Most of them (except the first) take up to half an hour depending on the size of the area to be treated. 
Single Session Cost: 
Add-on Massage:
6 x treatment package:
10 x treatment package:
​Conditions commonly treated with laser: arthritis, wound healing, tendon/ligament injury, muscle sprains/tears, back/spinal issues, post-surgery recovery, fracture repair, hip dysplasia, lick granulomas, anal gland issues. Laser shouldn't be used on or near the eye, thyroid, cancers/tumours, growth plates and pregnant animals.
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All products in my 'shop' are specially curated with the holistic health and well-being of your doggo in mind. These balms, oils, and supplements are meant to aid in any treatment you're receiving above and provide a little something extra for recovery and preventative health.
EAC Inside Out Probiotics.png
EAC Inside-Out Probiotic:

A holistic pet supplement designed to optimize intestinal health and support a balanced immune system. 
  • Made with natural holistic ingredients
  • Supports pets with digestive upset
  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Improves stool quality
  • Helps minimise lawn burn
  • Helps reduce bad breath
  • Helps with feces and urine smell
  • Optimal digestion of nutrients
Cost: $44/125g
Canine Ascension Calm Balm.jpg
Canine Ascension Balms:
Canine Ascension Balms are handmade in small batches from 100% natural ingredients. The balm helps repair damaged skin, moisturise dry skin, nourish active paws, and soothe stings, sores & minor wounds.  It is suitable for your dog's paws, nose, elbows and ear-tips. Does not contain any essential oils, making it safe to apply to broken skin. It is also lick-safe, though best to discourage excessive licking.
  • Repair Balm
    Cost: $22/ 2oz, $32/ 4oz

  • Calm Balm
    Cost: $22/ 2oz
FurShield Essential Oil Blend.jpg
Essential Oil Blends:
  • CanineCalm - Anxiety Management Blend
    Presented in a frosted glass 10ml sprayer, this variety utilises the calming benefits of copaiba, cedarwood, vetiver and spikenard to help soothe and relax your dog when entering stressful situations.
    Cost: $15/ 10ml

  • FurShield - Parasite Prevention Blend
    This natural parasite deflector is presented in a green 10ml sprayer and uses lavender, lemongrass, geranium, and peppermint to repel a number of parasites and insects including fleas, mosquitoes, flies and ants.
    Cost: $15/ 10ml
  • FurBoost - Coat Conditioning Blend
    A coat conditioning blend with rosemary, cedarwood, and vitamin E, presented in a "no mess" purple sprayer bottle.
    Cost: $15/ 10ml

  • CanineAid - Wound Protection & Healing Blend
    This is an essential for your doggy first aid kit. A soothing but potent blend of helichrysum and lavender assists with the protection and healing of wounds, such as cuts, grazes, and insect bites..
    Cost: $17/ 10ml
Beef Hide With Fur.png
Beef Hide with Fur:
100% natural Australian cow skin (rawhide).
The perfect long-lasting chew for your dog. This is the product before it is chemically treated, bleached, flavoured and stripped of its nutritional value and sold to our dogs. The fur is left on because it is an important source of fibre, contains magnesium, acts as a cleansing agent for your dog's gut and is easily digested.
Skins average 20cm in length and 2-3cm wide.
Cost: $7/ each