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You deserve to feel reassured in your dog’s health journey.

With Holistic Dog, all sessions are done in the comfort of my clients' home -- as dogs feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. If your dog has a medical condition or has been prescribed medication, they will need to get clearance from their veterinarian before our first session.


*Travel fees apply for distances over 15km and discounts may apply for multiple dogs.

Dog receiving massage


"My rescue Jager had chronic itching and restlessness from skin allergies. I found Daniella and she provided me with nutritional support. Jager's skin and itching has greatly improved."

 ~ Gina S.

Thermal Imaging is a tool that accurately pinpoints inflammation or increased circulation in your dog. In other words, this innovative tool allows us to give a voice to your pet, so we know where your dog is experiencing pain and how to address it safely and gently. 

MT involves the gentle manipulation of muscles through massage techniques and stretches to improve muscle health, enhance mobility, reduce or eliminate the need for meds, and contribute to a healthier, happier life for your doggo. 

Can't get on top of your dog's pain? Whether your dog is suffering from an acute injury or more chronic pain like arthritis, spinal issues, hip dysplasia, or so many others, laser therapy can safely and gently help get your pup feeling better a lot faster.

Does your dog have food allergies or intolerance? Perhaps itchy, red skin? Smelly, messy piles of poop? A few extra pounds? Bad breath? Crazy energy? Personalised nutrition consults can provide you with the tools so your dog can thrive!

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