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About Me


My mission? To be able to help dogs be the best version of themselves - strong, healthy, and full of life.

We can do that by examining everything that may influence your pet's health - lifestyle, genetics, diet, environment. The services I offer here at Holistic Dog are therapeutic, evidence-based and non-invasive to assist alongside traditional veterinary care. 

It can be frustrating to hear that medication is the only solution for your pet - I've been there. It's important for me to show pet parents (with results), that there are so many other options out there to help them beyond treating just the symptoms.

And, in fact, young and healthy dogs benefit from services like mine because prevention is just as important, if not more important, to ensure the prolonging of ageing and assist in quicker injury recovery. 


Information online can be conflicting and overwhelming (Hello, Dr. Google!). I also know that some pet owners find themselves in a place where they feel unsupported by their veterinarian when it comes to alternative treatments. I'm here to take this confusion and overwhelm away. 


Because, I know you want to do best by your pet. That's why I'm here.

Person with dog


"Daniella is amazing and gentle. Our crazy Kelpie cross Border Collie had an ongoing injury in her front left shoulder on and off for a period of 6 months. It was suggested by our vet after being on anti-inflammatory meds to consider laser therapy. I found Daniella through one of the rescue groups I follow and got in touch with her. She responded almost immediately. Upon her first visit with our then 12 month old pup they developed an immediate bond. The laser therapy worked amazingly and we have no more limping after just 6 sessions. The best part was our pup Mysti just adores Daniella she’d get so excited at each session. I’m so glad we had Daniella look after our girl, a true professional, gentle and understanding of our dogs needs. Thank you so much."

 ~ Adel W.


Bachelor of Animal Science

with Honours

University of Adelaide


Certified Raw Dog Food

Nutrition Specialist

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Certified Laser Therapist

SpectraVet Phototherapeutics

Certificate IV in Canine Nutrition

Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Diploma in Canine

Myofunctional Therapy

National College of Traditional Medicine


International Institute for

Complementary Therapists

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