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Nutrition Consults

Food is medicine. Species-appropriate food, that is!

Does your dog have food allergies or intolerance? Perhaps itchy, red skin? Smelly, messy piles of poop? A few extra pounds? Bad breath? Crazy energy? Personalised nutrition consults can provide you with the tools so your dog can thrive!



“When we got our puppy, she had a sensitive tummy and reacted to several foods. Fortunately through Daniella's guidance, she was able to get her eating right. She has a great deal of knowledge in holistic healing for animals and I could not be thankful enough for all that she's done for our little puppy. Daniella is truly passionate about helping dogs and has great customer service by going above and beyond making sure that issues are resolved.”

 ~ Rachael P.


Providing your dog with species-specific nutrition can help with:

  • Improved energy levels and mood balance

  • Shiny coat and healthy skin

  • Stool changes - no more heaping, messy, smelly piles of poop!

  • Strong bones and joints

  • Clean teeth and fresh breath - It's nature's toothbrush!

  • Balancing his immune system

  • Lean muscle mass and healthy weight


Most pet food manufacturers do not have your dog's best interest at heart and are severely lacking in optimal nutrition for your dog. 

Holistic Dog firmly believes that the food we feed our pets should be as unconditionally good as their love is for us. You can take small steps today that can have profound short- and long-term benefits for your dog's wellness.

Whether you’re interested in the transition to raw, need some help creating balanced meal plans, or you need assistance with your dogs’ food allergies and intolerances, I can help!



Holistic Dog’s personalised nutrition consults can provide you with the tools to optimize your dog’s lifestyle, health, and overall longevity.

Basic Nutrition Consult


30-minutes, phone or online only. This consult option is best for healthy dogs whose parents are looking to go over nutrition-related questions, get a review of the current diet, or need some general advice and tips.

Long Nutrition Consult


60-minutes, online only. This consult option is best for dogs with gut, skin, anxiety, or weight concerns.* It includes a comprehensive health history and diet questionnaire, a personalised meal plan, supplement recommendations, and one month of email support.

*I will not diagnose your pet's health condition. Always seek vet advice regarding assessment, diagnosis, and medical treatment

Ready to equip yourself with the tools to help your dog thrive?

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