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What an animal is fed does influence their overall health. I wholeheartedly believe that a species-appropriate diet consisting of a variety of high quality and bioavailable whole foods is the best thing you can do to optimise your dog's health + well-being.


This 25 page step-by-step guide is created to help you with:

  • WHY you should consider a raw diet
  • Understanding your dog's body
  • What makes up a raw diet
  • Dog friendly and not dog friendly foods
  • Brief words on supplementation
  • How much to feed your dog
  • Where to buy raw foods
  • Transitioning your dog from kibble to a raw diet
  • Facts about hybrid diets
  • Tips for fussy eaters
  • Walk-through any speed bumps you may encounter
  • The benefits of raw feeding
  • Handy resources


This guide is recommended for healthy, adult dogs. It is NOT suitable for puppies.


You will receive a downloadable copy of this PDF guide immediately upon purchase. I have done my best to ensure this guide is easy to digest and ready for you to implement at your own pace. 


I welcome any questions, concerns or feedback you may have. I love getting to know all about you and your dogs!


Happy reading and enjoy the journey x

Your Beginner’s Guide to Fresh Food Diets for Dogs

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